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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates, 460 B.C.

about vagan

GVCS established in 2012, the Vegetarian certification council of india wants to become one of the largest vegetarian associations in the world as well as one of the most active. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit educational organization whose mission is to promote the benefits of vegetarianism by incorporating education with entertaining social events in an effort to optimize the spirit of sharing. We are going to be the members of the International Vegetarian Union: We strive to build a more humane and harmonious world for everyone on the planet, for our children, as well as for our fellow creatures. Environmental degradation, global warming, the high incidence of cancer, heart and other diseases have resulted in much untold physical, emotional and financial hardship. Much of this is unnecessary and PREVENTABLE if only we knew and made the right choices. Vegetarian certification council efforts are directed at the prudence of PREVENTION through awareness, and we believe that education is the key to achieve success.

We promote compassion toward animals, the environment, and humanity by choosing to live cruelty-free. Going vegan makes perfect sense for many reasons. Vegans enjoy great health, inner peace, and a strong connection with the earth and the environment. We come from all walks of life and all areas of the world. We are all ages, colours, and cultures. Regardless of your reason for your interest in vegetarianism.

Our philosophy
We are hoping to make more and more people realise that eating less or no meat can be fun, fulfilling and friendly.
It’s delicious:

There are mouth-watering plant-based dishes from around the world: from India, vegetable curries and dhals; from the Far East, tofu stir fries; from Italy pastas and salads; from Turkey, hummus and babaghanoush; and from Mexico beans and tortillas… the list goes on!

Many familiar foods have vegan versions – vegans can enjoy pizza, vegan sausage and mash, casseroles and even chocolate cake. The variety of vegan food available in shops and restaurants is growing all the time – eating a vegan diet has never been easy.

ivca- vision

The purpose of the Global Vegetarian Certification Services is to educate others about the joy and benefits of being vegetarian. The organization is committed to social change toward a vegan lifestyle which is free of animal products and animal testing. We recognize that our members will be diverse in their diets, interests, beliefs and philosophies. Thus, membership is open to anyone professing an interest in vegetarianism.

What we want to do

We want to help our whole community of vegetarian people in INDIA by making them aware of the vegetarian certification council and by making them aware that whatever they think of as a vegetarian product may not usually be a vegetarian product as there may be an ingredient added which may come from a non-vegetarian source, And as in INDIA there is no Global Vegetarian Certification Services which approves the vegetarian products after proper inspection so What we will do is that we go to the respective vegetarian product manufacturing organisations and many food and FMCG organisations which manufactures vegetarians products and on which they say it as a 100% pure vegetarian, So we will do full inspection on the products manufactured by the organisations and see whether its 100% vegetarian or not and then we certify the companies and the organisations. In these way we can at least try to save our vegetarian community and make them eat healthy vegan diets and products.

Some of our activities will include:
  • Producing high quality educational materials for free distribution among our societies and community and spread awareness.
  • Giving talks and food demonstrations to schools and the public.
  • Providing information through newsletters and our website, for example, our website features a listing of vegetarian outlets,nutritional vegan recepies and an online forum where people can become a member by paying a small amount.
  • Outreaching with public exhibitions and other events.
We will also give support to people making changes in their diet, through:
  • Educational tours, locally and abroad (such as visits to organic farms).
  • Social gatherings and events to build rapport and create a sense of community.
  • Linking individuals and organisations that believe in eating less or no meat.
  • Striving to improve the quality, demand and availability of plant–based foods