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Has been made a compulsory display on packages containing food meant for vegetarian consumption. It should me marked in close proximity of the name or brand of the packaged food material of vegetarian classification on the packet.


GVCS serves to aid the vegetarian community in ethical, moral, ecological as well as dietary aspects of vegetarian life and hence fulfill our motto of “EAT GREEN LIVE PURE”. We aim and strive to bring manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, traders, wholesalers, retailers and consumers under the common roof of GVCS and facilitate interaction in every possible manner. One of the main aim for GVCS as a certifying body is to establish a foundation for stopping cross contamination of vegetarian food, cosmetics and drugs with the animal derivatives (excluding dairy products and honey) which are mostly left undisclosed by the manufacturers.


GVCS on a humble note introduces itself as an independent vegetarian certification body, recognized by the Government of India. GVCS is the one and only agency certifying consumables, drugs and cosmetics as 100% pure vegetarian products. We deal with issuing of GVCS compliance certificate to cater the needs of vegetarian community in India and around the world. GVCS caters independent auditing, corporate training, awareness programs, monitoring product compositions and services taking guidelines from the ancient Indian culture and traditions.

The Green Dot

The Food Safety Standard Act 2006 clearly indicates on the rules and regulations to be abided for packaging of food India. Although a Directive was circulated by FIHRA stating “The Director General of Health Services, Govt. of India has notified, vide P15019/14/2004 PH (Food) dated 29.06.2006, regarding compulsory display of GREEN and RED Dots to differentiate between Vegetarians & Non-Vegetarian Food respectively.”It also directed to take a special care in case of items (such as soups, ice creams) to ensure a correct display of logo (green dot or red dot). The green dot indicates 100% vegetarian seems to be a myth when contents of the product are verified.


Antifoaming agent ,Acids, Anticaking agent, Antioxidant, Acidity regulator, Bulking agent, Colours, Colour retention agent, Emulsifying agents, Emulsifiers, Emulsifying salts, Firming agents, Flavour enhancer, Foaming agents, Gelling agents, Glazing agents, Humectants, Preservatives, Propellants, Raising agents, Treatment agents, Stabilizers, Sweeteners, Thickeners and what not are added to the packaged food materials from biscuits to noodles.

We happily consume the items thinking them to be vegetarian after seeing the green dot on these packets. All the agents (for sake GELATIN) are widely used and come from animal derivatives. We observed it and therefore started our certification agency just to make sure that vegetarians are not offended in any ways even unknowingly. That the vegetarian sentiments are respected in a country so religiously obsessed with vegetarianism.