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GVCS certification benefits
  • Opportunities to tap the global vegetarian food market.
  • GVCS has been recognized by the government of India, whose majority of population is vegetarian.
  • GVCS logo is authoritative, independent and reliable testimony to support vegetarian food claims.
  • Profit of greater market share: no loss of non vegetarian clients and gain of those non vegetarian consumers who are specific about animal/animals concerned for derivatives.
  • Small cost investment relative to multiple growths in revenues.
  • Strengthen International and domestic market positions.
  • Image boosts in meeting varied customer needs.
  • World class food quality and services.
Why certification from GVCS?
  • It is vital for manufacturers and retailers wishing to gain a strong foothold in the vegetarian market to be mindful of vegetarian community’s religious and moral sensitivities.
  • We are registered with the Government of India.
  • Vegetarian certified can be consumed by non vegetarians but the vegetarians will consume food certified as vegetarian.
  • Internationally recognized vegetarian certification process.
  • So obviously, GVCS certification is your answer to have an edge over your competitors.